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Henley-in-Arden Court Leet & Court Baron

In Mediaeval times the Court Leet, under the direction of the Lord of the Manor, was responsible for law and order in the town, to try by jury and punish crimes committed within the jurisdiction.

Some of its many tasks included checking the weights and measures and the quality of goods offered for sale by the tradesmen in the town, especially the quality and strength of the ale.

The earliest mention of a Manorial Court in Henley comes from an entry in the Warwickshire Feet of Fines dated 1240, when Brice of Henley promised to pay the yearly rent and to do suit at the Court of Henley three times a year. Detailed records of the Court exist from 1546 and edited transcripts of the court rolls from 1546 to 1918 were published in 1919. The names of the High Bailiffs are recorded from 1477.

The Court Leet maintains the traditions and history of the town. Annual re-enactments of the ceremonies of ale-tasting, bread and butter weighing, fish and flesh tasting, brook looking and beating of the manorial bounds take place. The Court represents and promotes the town at many events.

The Court's officers are elected annually in the Guild Hall by jurors who must be resident in the town.

The Manor of Henley-in-Arden
Court Leet & Court Baron

Lord of the Manor

David Lodder DL

Steward of the Manor

Jonathan Dovey

Court Leet Officers 2023-2024

High Bailiff

Elaine Field

Low Bailiff

Sharon Jones

Mace Bearer

Sarah Allcock


Fraser Knight

Ale Tasters

Marc Bailey MBE

Andrew Gardner

Butter Weigher

Tania Jones

Fish & Flesh Taster

Annie Davies


James Curtis

Brook Lookers

Greg Jones

Jasper Pegrum


Georgia Alcock

Searcher and Sealer of Leather

Martin Smyth

Surveyor of the Highway

Alan jones


James Dovey

David Cooper

Town Crier

Sonya Hauxwell

Chaplain to the Court

Malcolm Aldridge

Honorary Burgesses

John Latham

Duncan Bainbridge

Dr Douglas Bridgewater

Rev. John Ganjavi

Norman Kench

Graham Smith

Former High Bailiffs

Alistair Price

Laurence Marshall

Tom Mangan

Fred Dowling

John Tristram

Roger Sutton

Ray Holding

Alan Robson

Gordon Trinder

Colin Powton

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